Paul Stickland Author Events and Pop Up Workshops

Paul Stickland Author Events and Pop Up Book Workshops

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I spend a lot of time out on the road giving author visits and pop-up book workshops for children of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. It's a great privilege and I have had the pleasure to meet and work with children in schools, libraries and at many of the major UK Literary Festivals and Music Festivals, in Europe and the US.

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• Simple readings or talking about the books.
Reading from all my books, discussion of the life of an author/illustrator and the creation of books, the stories, ideas and fun behind the development of the characters, through to the design of pop up books.

• Dinosaur or monster drawing workshops.
Children are natural dinosaur experts and are full of ideas about how dinosaurs actually look!
I start these of by reading and discussing the books Then I might draw a big dinosaur, before everyone creates and draws their own dinosaurs.

• Pop up dinosaur/monster workshops!
These are really popular and great fun!
I show my pop up books, my early ideas, roughs and mistakes. I then show the children how to make a simple pop up dinosaur mouth. They then create their own simple pop up dinosaur mouth. If we have time I encourage them to take the ideas further, to decorate and embellish their creations. The results are often amazing!
If you would like to see some of the fabulous work created in these pop up workshops, please do visit my pop up book and paper craft blog PopUpPaper

The children have great fun and I must admit, so do I.

With the readings and talks, the numbers are not too important but with the workshops it's best to aim for around thirty/forty children, unless there are plenty of helpers on hand. This way the children can get individual attention.

Timing wise, even with the little ones, 45 minutes goes quickly and with the workshops we really need two hours.

I can also organise books for sale and book signing, which is popular if well publicised in advance.

If you are interested in me visiting your school, library or festival, please contact me to enquire about fees and availability for Paul Stickland Author Visits and Pop Up Workshops.

Here are a couple of great albums with lots of photos of typical events and workshops.

Leweston Pre Prep, Dorset 

Sherborne County Primary School, World Book Day

paul_stickland, author_events, pop_up_workshops, pop_up_books

paul_stickland, author_events, pop_up_workshops, pop_up_books

paul_stickland, author_events

paul_stickland, author_events, pop_up_workshops, pop_up_books

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