Free Pop Up Card Template No. 1

Free Pop Up Card Template No. 1 by Paul Stickland

Hi Everyone! Here are two really easy free pop up card templates to make simple and fun but very easy and effective pop up faces, pop up animals or pop up monsters in just a few minutes!

pop up monster, paul stickland,

The Pangea Pop Up by Michael Molina and Ted-Ed

The Pangea Pop Up by Educator Michael Molina and animated by the Ted-Ed Team.

I love the simple and elegant integration of sound geological science with great pop up book tecnology. Paper Engineering does seem to have a magical ability to engage with children's imaginations and learning.

I have spent the last 20 years working with children of all ages and abilites, exploring their creativity through the medium of children's picture and pop up books. There is something about pop up books that really engages with children's creativity.
I have found that they are a great medium to engage with children's creativity and learning through what feels like play. I see the most wonderful creations on my school visits and I am always delighted when a child, not normally known for their creativity, or lacking in self confidence, creates something really unexpected and amazing!  I have had some fun, let me tell you!

It's well worth visiting the Ted-Ed lesson that accompanies this great pop up science book. You will learn more about the geology and have that information presented in a simple and clear fashion. I learnt a lot!

Click here for the Ted-Ed Pangea Pop Up Lesson 

The paper engineering was created by Yevgeniya Yeretskaya, who has some more great pop up books and pop up paper card ideas, as well as more great pop up book videos on her website 

Revolution - Life Cycle of a Drop of Water

Revolution - Life Cycle of a Drop of Water 

Top paper engineer, Helen Friel, incollaboration with photographer, Chris Turner and animator, Jess Deacon have created this short video depicting the water cycle using Helen's excellent pop up book designs.
Nearly a year in the making and shot in a continuous take, Revolution follows the cyclical journey of a single water droplet. So many brilliant ideas in one short film with a great message.
I love this clever use of pop up technology and paper engineering. We all love pop up books and the revelations they bring with each successive spread. There is something about the pop up that reaches into us and affects us.
Clever use of our sense of wonder and awe can really help get an idea or message home.

Helen has put together the most wonderful stop frame animation showing the making of Revolution. You can see all the stages in the creation of a pop up book and the paper engineering mechanisms behind them. Some of the very best pop up book and cards mechanisms and ideas shown here for your inspiration!

Fairchildes Primary School

pop_up_book_workshop, paul_stickland, author_event

Paul Stickland Pop Up Book Workshops with the children of Fairchildes Primary School
I was lucky to share three inspiring days with the wonderful children and their great teachers in Croydon, South London.
A really outstanding and happy school led by some truly dedicated teaching and support staff.
I was invited to hold workshops with the children as part of their Pop Up Book Week by Sally Gardner, their inspired and energetic DT and Music Teacher, who had taught the children and teachers how to make every sort of pop up mechanism prior to my arrival. The result was amazing, the best primed and most capable children that I have ever worked with. It was a pure joy from start to finish. 

Paul Stickland Big Bug Little Bug - The making of a Pop Up Book

Big Bug Little Bug!

These are some of the stages that went into the production of the final pop up spread for the children's pop up book, Big Bug Little Bug by children's author, illustrator and pop up book designer, Paul Stickland.

I knew I wanted to create a splash for the final pop up spread in this children's book about bugs.
A flower seemed like a great solution, so I set about creating a pop up mechanism that would be both dramatic and allow me a lot of space to place all the pop up bugs in the book.
I had a lot of pop up bugs to place too!
Oh and some text!
It took a lot of attempts to get them all to play nicely!
This is the finished result. Created after many, many different designs versions.

Kaleidocycle from Minieco

Here's a great free Kaleidocycle paperfolding template download from
Download the free template from minieco here, print it out on light card, cut out and fold this great folding paper toy.
Generously provided by Kate Lilley at 
Do check out all the other fantastic paper crafting and paper art tutorials on Kate's great craft blog Minieco 
Instructions on how to make a Kaleidocycle after the break...

Paul Jackson - Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form

Paul Jackson - Paper Engineer

Folding Techniques for Designers by Paul Jackson from Laurence King Publishing on Vimeo.
From an introduction to Paul Jackson's book 'Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form'. This unique book explains the key techniques of folding, such as pleated surfaces, curved folding and crumpling. It has applications for architects, product designers, and jewellery and fashion designers. This short video explains the potential from such folds. Where such folds appear very complex yet are very simple but lend huge flexibility to the finished products.