Free Pop Up Card Template No. 1

Free Pop Up Card Template No. 1 by Paul Stickland

Hi Everyone! Here are two really easy free pop up card templates to make simple and fun but very easy and effective pop up faces, pop up animals or pop up monsters in just a few minutes!

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I've made thousands of these simple pop up animal, dinosaur or monster faces with children at my pop up workshops here in the UK and this one is really easy and suitable for any children who can use scissors. Grown ups too!
You don't even need glue!
It's really easy, either copy or print out this design below onto a sheet of A4 or standard letter card and grab your scissors... You'll only need to do it once, you'll be making your own pop up designs in no time!

• Fold the paper along the centre line / down the middle, with the printed lines on the outside.

• Keeping the card folded, cut along the red line and then fold along the grey diagonal lines. Fold both ways to make the next step easier.

• Open the card up like a tent and push the two triangles through so that it looks like the examples below...

• Fold it flat and open it up!

Now it's time to have some fun and decorate your pop up monster card...

Add some Eerie Eyes!
Add some Terrible Teeth!
Add a Tangly Tongue!
Add some 'Orrible Hair!
Arms, Legs, Scales, Feathers, Tails, Claws...

You made a monster! or a frog or a duck or a funny face!

Now try making another and this time try cutting a different mouth shape. This pop up card template will give you a wicked smile to play with!

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Free Pop Up Monster Card Template

Be bold, make mistakes, have fun and experiment! 

Try a wiggly mouth, a zig zag mouth, a curved and smiling mouth, or a sad and scary mouth!

Paper will do but card is better, especially brightly coloured card! Try 200/280gsm.

The great thing about this design is that it's just a starting point, look at some of the amazing creations that I have photographed over the years! Go crazy, send me a photo and I'll pin it here!

For more details of my pop-up workshops in schools libraries and festivals please click here, or email me here.

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