Matthew Reinhart - Paper Engineer - Pop Up Book Genius

Matthew Reinhart is the paper engineer and creator of some of the ultimate amazing classic pop up books. Everyone loves pop up books and everyone loves Matthew's intricate and ingenious pop up mechanisms.
In this brilliant video, Matthew Reinhart superbly describes the amazing joy of folding and moving paper, of how to create pop up books, a magic that works for children and adults alike. I know just what he means, I share that joy!
Matthew looks behind the pages and shows you how to make pop up books and just how those amazing pop up paper mechanisms work.
Some fantastic tips for aspiring pop up paper engineers from a master of this arcane art on how to achieve the pop up wow factor!

Taking our simplest, most common material, paper, and transforming it into an unexpected surprise is something I share with Matthew.  I run pop up book workshops for children in schools and libraries all over the UK and abroad at Children's Book Festivals. It's great fun, as literally everybody in the world loves pop up books. We make amazing pop up monsters or dinosaurs, bugs or funny animals, it's silly creative fun but so stimulating for he children. Apart from enhancing their motor skills, it hugely encourages storytelling and literacy, even maths and geometry! Children, their teachers and parents never fail to be amazed by the magic of pop up paper. That gasp of awe and amazement is totally addictive!
If you would like a fun and creative pop up workshop, please do contact me on my contact form here.

Do check out Matthew Reinhart's Pop Up Book Website

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